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NY Latinamerican Art Triennial 2022

NY Latinamerican Art Triennial 2022

Open Call for participation to the New York Latin American Art Triennial Edition 2022

The curatorial board (Alex Fernández / Alexis Mendoza / Ezequiel Taveras / Julia Justo / Lidia Hernández, Luis Stephenberg / Naivy Pérez) and the selection committee of the New York Triennial of Latin American Art call for Latin American artists inside and outside the United States to submit proposals to participate in the NYLAAT 2022 edition. Applications may be submitted individually or collectively. Under the support of the Bronx Hispanic Festival, the New York Triennial of Latin American Art will take place from September to December 2022 in museums, galleries and cultural institutions. The call is free and open, as long as the conditions and the theme raised by the organizers are considered. Only one proposal per artist or artistic group will be accepted.


"Abya Yala: Structural Origins”: Pre-Columbian, African, European influence and the compulsive change of the contemporary era.

"Abya Yala: Structural Origins" examines the various processes and forms of creation inspired by traditional methodologies, materials and concepts which were implemented during the different stages of cultural and intellectual growth in the American continent. This project explores the inevitable repercussion that past generations had on the aesthetic, cultural or social values ​​present in contemporary art in Latin America today. This project also refers to the evolutionary processes in the arts which have influenced the different transformations that Latin American art has undergone. In the exhibitions that make up this edition of the 2022 New York Latin American Art Triennial (NYLAAT) we also try to establish the link between contemporary art in the continent and the premeditated use of materials, elements and forms of autochthonous expression of the first inhabitants of this region from the mats, baskets, goldsmith, pottery, textiles, altars, rituals, paintings closely related to tapestry, sculptures in clay, stone, metal, etc.


Abya Yala, which means Mature Land, Living Land or Flowering Land, was the term used by the Kuna, an original nation living in Colombia and Panama, to designate the territory comprised by the American Continent. According to the historical moment lived, they referred to this territory in a different way: Kualagum Yala, Tagargun Yala, Tinya Yala, and Abya Yala, the latter being the one that coincided with the arrival of the Spanish and which becomes a call to the unity of the peoples to keep their origin present and to continue their path following the footsteps of their ancestors. In the American continent there is a great cultural diversity, either due to the inheritance left by the cultures of the native nations, the European cultures that conquered the continent on the XVI century and their consequent process of mix-races, or due to migratory processes. (forced and voluntary), Latin America has a large number of denominations that define this cultural diversity. This NYLAAT 2022 presents works and art proposals based on the term Abya Yala, which is itself a symbol of identity and respect for the roots of indigenous peoples, we use it as a starting point to explore the direct connection between the original practices inherited from our ancestors and contemporary art.


Requirements and Conditions to Participate:


1- Artists or collective of Latin American artists residing in any country on the planet may participate. They must 18 years of age or older.


2- Each proposal by artist or artistic collective must be accompanied by a text of 250 words which explains the connection that exists between the proposed work and the topic that we are addressing in this Triennial Edition 2022.


3- Complete Participation Form (personal information, CV, Images of the works, technical sheets, etc). (


4- All techniques will be consider and all fine art categories (painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photography, video, video installation, installation, performances, etc.) can be submitted.


5- Proposals by artists participating in the Triennial of Latin American Art in New York 2019 Edition will not be accepted.


6- It is required that the works are in a condition to be exhibited and prepared with a system that facilitates their assembly and exhibition. If necessary, detailed instructions will be requested from the artist for its installation. Artists who include sound in their works (videos, sound works, installations, etc.) will have to consider including the use of headphones. Works that, at the Committee's discretion, present some type of risk to the physical integrity of the attending public or third parties will not be accepted.


7- The artists accepted to participate must be responsible for the cost of shipping and return of the works. In the case of artists residing in New York City, or those who reside in the United States and have the possibility of  hand delivering and personally picking up the work(s), they can do so with prior coordination with the organizers.


8- The organizers of the NYLAAT are not responsible for damage to the works under any circumstances. We do not demand that the works must be insured but we respect personal criteria in case the artist considers it pertinent. The organizers of NYLAAT 2022 are committed to due care and protection of the works.




Deadline to apply: From November 1st, 2021 to January 10th, 2022.

Announcement of selected: March1st, 2022.

Reception of selected works: August 10th, 2022.

NYLAAT 2022 Inaugural Reception: September 15th, 2022.

Closing: December 2022.


Short history:


In 2008 when the First Bronx Latin American Biennial, now called the New York Latin American Art Triennial, issued its original call; it specifically sought artists, not specific works of art. This underlying fact, as well as the wide net cast for Latin American artists from every imaginable corner of world, will set this event apart in the arena of international art. This event created by Alexis Mendoza and Luis Stephenberg is the only Art Triennial in US with an open call. The event has chosen a format that transcends the idea of a large-scale exhibit or cluster of exhibits, of a market showcase, ultimately, for objects d’art. Instead, the event has chosen to build an institution which unites a wide-ranging group of Latin Americans as well as Latin@ descendent artists with all their personal/creative narratives. 


The occasions addresses the problem of Latin American art not always garnering the attention it deserves when we compare the large population of Latin Americans living in the United States. Participant artists: some internationally recognized masters in the global art world, some with emerging voices just beginning to shape their own paths, all in various stages of their careers, embody its public art spaces with a maverick spirit. The complex interrelation between art, community, social displacement and education addresses this unique Latin American circumstance. 


The NY Latin American Art Triennial is a brainchild event sponsored by the Bronx Hispanic Festival Inc. (BHF) for many years  and is starting to raise independently by 2022, it comprised of local and international artist works  to be exhibited in New York from September through December every three years. Some of the main aspects of the project is art appreciation, a positive message through artist talks and conferences to engage the community in art discussions. While art appear to be an individual means of expression, it is very important as a collective to establish a communication and reflection that complete the meaningful phase. 


The intention of the event is to set up an art affair within an international framework and objectively maintain decentralization of the exhibition spaces, an important role in terms of accessible art to diversify population. The organizers have chosen the traditional vehicle of the Triennial and have packed it with the culture that seeks fusion in syncretism, a fusion that is applied to the creation of new languages. This event reunites a variety of media including photograph, sculpture, electro-digital, painting (includes graffiti), video, graphic, mixed media, performance, installations, and others.