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Pre-Biennial 2007

Pre-Biennial Exhibition 2007

Since the staging of the pre-Biennial in 2007, Luis Stephenberg, Alexis Mendoza, and Miguel Lescano have presented art exhibitions every other year starting in 2008.

The Bronx Latin American Biennial’s main objective is to create awareness in the arts by developing an international network with Latin American artists, as well as establish the opportunity to exhibit the best of their works. The focus of the event is to motivate the creative mind and challenge the contemporary global art community. 

Pre-Biennial Exhibition 2007

The first group exhibition at the Lincoln Hospital Gallery, presented art as an expression of the human condition and it reflects the notions of progress, civilizations, welfare, society and culture. 

It was the original idea of the curators to aim for education and cultural information for every one, and becuse of the wide reach of this intention, all the events are family oriented. It’s an event that celebrates not only the richness of the Latin American art but also the diversity of our community.